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Incredible Footage of Killer Whales Playing Underwater

Incredible Footage of Killer Whales Playing Underwater

Using an innovative camera he specially crafted, David Riggs captures thrilling activity in this marine mammal hot spot. From: HUNT FOR THE SUPER PREDATOR http://bit.ly/1l6CfBr.

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Surrounded by KILLER WHALES!

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Seaworld SHAMU Killer Whale Show

The Shamu show at Sea World. I had to edit it down to 10 mins ( it goes for 25 ). This was worth the price of admission on its own. It is even better live. Watch in HD full screen if you can....

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Watch: Killer Whales Charge Blue Whale (Rare Drone Footage) | National Geographic

Drone footage recorded killer whales charging and striking a blue whale in this rare sighting off the coast of Monterey, California. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National...

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Killer whales surprise couple on boat

A couple vacationing in Mexico encountered a number of killer whales swimming alongside their boat during a trip.

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Killer Whales Beached While Hunting for Seals - Prince Rupert Adventure Tours

These killer whales beached themselves while hunting for seals on a sandbar south of Prince Rupert. Captain Doug Davis and Debbie Davis went out to monitor the whales until the tide rose high...

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15 COOL facts about killer whales

15 COOL Facts About Killer Whales.

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Realm Of The Killer Whales - HD Documentary

Journey below the water for an in depth look at the magnificent Orca or \

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Killer Whales vs. Fin Whale. In this rare event, a pod of killer whales hunt and kill a large fin whale. Most the time the fin whales anti-predatory defense strategy keeps it safe, but this...

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I Predator: Killer Whale (COMPLETE) [HD]


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Giant Blue-Finned Tuna - Killer Whale - BBC Animals

Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthWW BBC Earth The BBC Earth YouTube channel is home to over 50 years-worth of the...

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Killer Whales checkout Swimmers at Whytecliff Park in British Columbia

I do not own the rights to this video... Checkout Robin Léveillé for the original post. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWD9Ex1Hp27/?taken-by=robin_leveille.

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Killer whales hunting seals on ice – behind the scenes in Antarctica – BBC Earth

Orcas knocking seals off waves was thought to be a myth when Producer/Director Kathryn Jeffs set out to film them in Antartica for BBC series Frozen Planet. Hear the remarkable story behind...

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Killer Whale nearly kills experienced trainer at SeaWorld

Footage released from Sea World & on CNN. These are two separate attacks. SeaWorld Orca nearly killed experienced trainer in 2006 scare The killer whale, also referred to as the orca whale...

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Killer whales, also known as orcas, are not actually whales at all – they're dolphins. What isn't misleading about their name is the killer part, because while they are beautiful and...

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The Dark History of Killer Whale Captures

A chronological documentary ranging from the 60s to present briefly describes kidnapping of orcas from their natural habitat. A more detailed is the information about capturing of orcas in...

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Swimmers run from water as killer whale swims towards shore

Raw video: Group of friends in for shock while visiting beach in New Zealand.

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Killer Whale vs. Sea Lions | National Geographic

Off the coast of Argentina, seasoned killer whales hunt sea lion pups. See all National Geographic videos: http://video.nationalgeographic.com/?source=4001 ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSub...

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WHALE RESCUE: Saving a stranded Orca in B.C.

On July 23, 2015, a female Orca became trapped on the British Columbia coastline. Whale rescuers worked for almost eight hours to keep the Killer Whale wet until the tide came back in. Subscribe...

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Free Willy! Rescuers save killer whales from ice in Russia's Far East

Four killer whales trapped by ice blocks in the Sea of Okhotsk were unable to move. EMERCOM rescuers helped three of them to escape to the sea, the 4th is still being rescued. RT LIVE http://rt.co...

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Killer whales hunting seal that jumps into boat (combined video)

We were out with the family looking for whales and a pod of 12 trainsiet killer whales where chasing the seal. It ripped towards the boat in a desperate escape and scrambled on the deck. It...

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Last killer whale born into captivity at SeaWorld has died

The 3-month-old calf was born shortly after the park announced an end to its killer whale breeding program last year.

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Pod of Killer Whales Hunt a Dolphin Stampede

In False Bay off the coast of South Africa, a captain witnessed a pods of orcas pursuing dolphins in a megahunt. Watch Full Episodes https://www.animalplanetgo.com/ Subscribe to Animal Planet:...

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Baby killer whale is last one to be born at SeaWorld

SeaWorld suspended the captive breeding program and killer whale shows last year.

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SeaWorld killer whale Tilikum dies

SeaWorld's most famous and controversial killer whale, Tilikum, has died. The orca that killed its trainer was at was the center of the 2013 documentary \

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Killer Whale vs Great White Shark Documentary 2014

Mongoose: A mongoose is a small carnivoran member of 33 living species in southern Eurasia and mainland Africa of the family Herpestidae. Four additional species from Madagascar in the subfamily...

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